Innovation/ Internet and Intranet Solutions/ Media

Barton said that when you are through changing, you are through.  My job is to create and implement design strategies that will help your customers grow their businesses and save time thereby positively impacting your business performance.

Technology expert/change agent with a 12-year career integrating and understanding the interrelationship between education, technology, and application development.  Delivered world-class customer-support programs; led the development of various new technologies from concept, business case, and feasibility analysis through the entire technology development cycle to penetration of educational, publishing, and consumer markets throughout the U.S. and abroad.

Combine strong general management qualifications with outstanding performance leading advanced technology driven organizations.  Consistently demonstrate strong work ethic, exceptional negotiation skills, and ability to quickly learn and adapt to new systems, processes, and internal business mechanisms.  Possess an entrepreneurial attitude.

Achieved phenomenal growth and a strong competitive industry position through combined expertise in:

  • New Market Identification, Development, and Expansion
  • Concept Development, Product Design, and Engineering
  • Training, Team Building, and Performance Optimization
  • Organizational Needs Assessment, Continuous Process Improvement
  • Change Management
  • Research and Evaluation
  • Multimedia Web Interactivity
  • Financial Planning/Analysis, Budgeting, Cost Management
  • User Interview Strategy and Reporting


Agile,Ÿ Mobile,Ÿ Touch Screen,Ÿ Voice Recognition,Ÿ Web,Ÿ Gestural Interfaces,Ÿ Social Media,Ÿ New Technologies,Ÿ Adobe Creative Master Suite, Visio, Axure, XMP Meta data,Ÿ XML, 3D Max, Ÿ Final Cut Pro, Ÿ Omnigraffle, Ÿ MS Office 2010 Ÿ SharePoint 2010,Ÿ InfoPath,Ÿ OneNote,Ÿ among others.


Track record of accomplishment consulting for prominent companies including Marcus Spears (Dallas Cowboys), Ryder, Best Buy, Samsung, JC Penney, Baylor, DFW Airport, and AT&T.

Architecting Innovation – Dallas, TX           11/2012 — 12/2012
Sr. User Experience, Interaction and Information Architecture

  • Conducted industry best practices and procedures evaluation of the corporate intranet for the largest international healthcare consulting and services company.
  • Created an interview strategy and questionnaires for online surveys and focus groups.
  • Conducted interviews and identified key findings, developed personas and scenarios from findings, and created templates for development teams.
  • Delivered heuristic evaluation of intranet’s usability, accessibility, findability, and issues with implementation of SharePoint 2010, social media, collaboration and mobile integration.
  • Developed a comprehensive strategy and workflow recommendations for how to better implement SharePoint 2010’s features, social media, collaboration and mobile as well as voice recognition aggregation for traveling employees and sales personnel.
  • Created master page and layout templates and provided conceptual strategies and cross-media integration maps.

LearnLex  – Dallas, TX, United Kingdom and Hong Kong            08/2012 — 10/2012
Sr. User Experience & Innovations Professional

  • Responsible for identifying opportunities and developing strategies for content delivery as well as marketing and communications for educational solutions and innovations targeting the identification and development of creative problem solvers at an early age.
  • Spearheading the user experience, testing, usability and social media best practices to integrate interactions and enhance/promote social networking between schools, students, parents, teachers and corporations

ITPS/MpowerA – Dallas, TX and Mexico           05/2012 — 10/2012
Sr. User Experience & Innovations Professional

  • Researched, identified and presented innovative smart solutions for automated cross-border transportation process to support the supply chain from Mexico to United States. Implemented new and current technologies to facilitate communications and interactions at all points of the process.

Ryder – Dallas, TX (Matrix Professional Services)           08/2012 — 09/2012

Sr. User Experience & Innovations Professional

  • Analyzed and identified issues on the user experience via face to face and phone interviews.
  • Identified key tasks and objectives to develop personas and task flows to deliver lean and automated supply chain management solutions.
  • Collaborated with the Director of UX and Ryder Strategic and Business Intelligence Teams to develop micro-strategies and innovations for their internet sites, email blasts, and web/mobile apps.

Press Ganey – Dallas, TX (Architecting Information)           07/2012 — 08/2012

Sr. User Experience & Innovations Architect

  • Designed the user experience strategy for a revolutionary healthcare data visualization and analysis
  • Developed a micro strategy solution prototype on a very tight deadline.
  • Engaged in a collaborative environment with key people in departments such as business, development, user interface, and consultants.
  • Provided innovative approach to information Architecture and supervised a team in the area of best practices and procedures for user experience and usability.
  • Created wireframes.
  • Produced user experience strategic documentation and high level functionality, look, and feel recommendations and direction.

 Maxim Healthcare Services – Dallas, TX           01/2012 — 07/2012

Sr. User Experience & Information Architecture

  • Spearheaded revolutionary healthcare strategies and innovation opportunities identified during discovery by leveraging current technologies, mediums of communications, and devices.
  • Lead projects to drive innovation by identified methodologies, approaches, models, tools, and techniques.
  • Directed team members by providing creative expertise and direction in engaging technologies and approaches.
  • Introduced and managed project initiatives including identifying and analyzing business needs, budget considerations, and time and resource estimates.
  • Key liaison across all functional areas, including business units, information technology, and outside vendors.

Best Buy and Geek Squad – Minneapolis, MI (Accenture and Avanade)           08/2011 — 01/2012

Sr. User Experience, Cross Media User Interaction and Multicultural

  • Revolutionized Geek Squad’s In-Store kiosk application by identifying, classifying, and developing the strategy to reduce the amount of paper printed for each receipt from 14 pages to 2 pages, my solution was to categorize the “One Receipt Fits All” approach into receipts, invoices, work orders, changes and delivery receipts.
  • Reviewed existing UX interactions and offered recommendations as well as interfaces layouts and designs for in store client checking and kiosk application.

Samsung – Chicago, IL (Razorfish Consultant)           10/2011 — 10/2011

Sr. User Experience, Cross Media User Interaction, and Multicultural Consultant

  • Developing IA documentation (site maps, transaction flows, sketches, scenarios, wireframes and navigation models) for both web sites and applications.
  • Collaborated with the Experience Lead, as well as other team members including other Information Architects, Content Strategists, and User Researchers, and others from the Creative, Technology and Strategy groups.

 AT&T – Atlanta, GA (Macquarium Consultant)           07/2011 — 08/2011

Sr. User Experience, Cross Media User Interaction and Mobile Consultant

Reviewed existing UX interactions for a cross-media file sharing application, produced recommendations, deliverables, and UX documentation to better enhance the application while keeping interactions and UX across multiple platforms and devices as close as possible to its initial purpose on Web, Smart TV, PC, Mac, Tablets, iPad, iPhone and Android mobile phones via the cloud.

Chick-Fil-A – Atlanta, GA (Macquarium Consultant)           06/2011 — 07/2011

Consultant – Sr. User Experience, Cross Media User Interaction, and Mobile Consultant

  • Developed a strategy that enhanced the user experience for their marketing intranet section.
  • Produced sitemaps, wireframes, and prototypes as well as presentations backed by user research and documentation.

Charter Communications – Dallas, TX (Epsilon Consultant)           06/2011 — 06/2011

Consultant – Sr. User Experience, Cross Media User Interaction and Mobile Consultant

  • Analyzed and provided solutions to enhance Epsilon’s marketing campaign for Charter Communications “Live It with Charter” and “Visa Rewards” to enhance their cross media efforts.
  • Consolidated the flow between different efforts to increase subscriptions and program adoption.

Carolinas HealthCare System – Dallas, TX (MedSeek Consultant)           04/2011 — 06/2011

Sr. User Experience and Information Architect

  • Developed heuristic evaluations for user experience and reports on several healthcare systems and hospital websites.
  • Assisted with the information architecture, usability, and user experience.
  • Created wireframes and presentations and offered solutions to enhance the overall experience and usability.

DFW Airport and JC Penny Mobile – Dallas, TX (ColorCoded Consultant)           04/2011 — 04/2011

Consultant – Sr. User Experience, Cross Media User Interaction and Mobile Consultant

  • Provided cross media user interaction and experience solutions for iPhone, iPad, and Web applications.

Symon Communications – Dallas, TX           09/2010 — 04/2011

Sr. User Experience and Information Architect

  • Researched, analyzed, and proposed User Experience enhancements, strategy, and implementation plans for an internal communication messenger as well as for a call handling alerts and status display application for Delta Airlines call centers.
  • Interacting with users, clients, and prospects on needs and experiences to developed strategies and recommendations that includes gestural kiosk and display solutions, technology innovation, and cross-media access and interaction to enhance product and application usability.
  • Attracted, retained, and motivated a team of creative sales and development members for individual projects guiding them thru the UX process and exposing them to new technologies and methodologies.
  • Other responsibilities included: Market and Competitor Research, User Interviews, Wire framing, Prototyping, Storyboarding, Animation, Personas and Scenario Creation, Executive and Client Presentations and Documentation.
  • Created and lead the CSI team comprised of the most talented individuals from most departments (3 Developers, 2 Engineers, 2 Business Installation Specialists, 1 User Experience Architect, and 2 Sales Engineers) allowing for innovation and productivity unlike anything the company had experienced before.


  • SharePoint 2007 MOSS Mastery                                                                             2010
  • Top Dog – Freeman Leonard                                                                                   2010
  • Best Healthcare Interactive Web Site – Baylor (Art for Asthma)                     2010
  • Shining Star – Stratmark                                                                                          2008
  • Best Non-profit Interactive Web Design Awards – is7 (Group wide)             2007
  • Rookie of the Year – is7                                                                                            2006
  • Best Cinematographer Award – The Art Institute of Dallas                             2000
  • Multimedia/ Interactive Designer – Sony Music Internship                            1999 — 2000
  • Associate of Arts in Multimedia – The Art Institute of Dallas                          1998 — 2000



CB Richard Ellis – Dallas, TX (Timberhorn Consultant)           07/2010 — 09/2010

Sr. User Experience/Interface and Multimedia

  • Created strategies for SharePoint 2010 application integration and solutions as well as Silverlight implementation to leverage internal/external client’s needs thru a web interface as well as application redesign.
  • Introduced and guided developer teams into UX process and best practices for web, mobile, applications and interactive solutions.

MedHost – Dallas, TX (Consultant)           04/2010 — 07/2010

Sr. User Experience/Interface Design and Multimedia

  • Identified and resolved user experience shortcomings on user centric application for hospitals.
  • Re-designed product and successfully solved interface/interaction issues that the company had not been able to solve.
  • Developed the first documentation for best practices, interaction, user and business requirements and guidelines.
  • Planned and created their first centralized resources library.
  • Designed and proposed new technology trends using a WPF and Silverlight development environment.
  • Created conceptual models, wireframes, low and high fidelity prototypes, planned and assessed user interaction testing, process flows, navigational maps, personas, storyboards and presentations.

Baylor Health Care System – Dallas, TX           04/2009 — 04/2010

Web Master/e-Commerce Project Manager

  • Proposed, planned, and implemented the company’s first SharePoint based digital asset library
  • Developed the information architecture, wireframes and workflows as well as the user interface while conforming to best practices and standards.
  • Identified and offered recommendations on leveraging SharePoint’s capabilities and how to utilize in conjunction various Microsoft office products such as word, picture manager and excel, increasing productivity and ease of use for several marketing departments to use on customer facing websites.
  • Consolidated resources and information into a centralized well organized and accessible library
  • Initiated communications with several departments to incorporate the library improving communication flow adding a valuable repository of information and reducing document replication.
  • Identified a need for implementing the first Secure FTP.
  • Collaborated with the IT and BIS teams to implement and maintain solutions greatly improving internal and vendor relationships and productivity.
  • Created complex information architecture, navigational paths, wireframes, and designs for the consumer facing website as well as several internal initiatives by simplifying complex structures into clear reports and presentations.
  • Conceptualized ideas and data into storyboards into highly acclaimed multimedia presentations for executives and partners increasing confidence on the department’s ability to produce creative projects in-house vs. vendors.

Is7/STRATMARK – Richardson, TX           2006 — 2008

Assistant Director of Information Architecture/New Media Specialist

  • Lead the CSI (Creative Solutions for Innovations) team, resulting on tripling productivity and reducing costs by half the first year. Efforts were credited as instrumental on the ability to stay in business.
  • Created information architecture, navigational and user centric plans, and documents to help internal and external clients easily understand complex project module’s relationships and paths resulting on the planning and implementation of over 30 professional, scalable, and highly effective websites.
  • Assessed opportunities, risks, improvements, and issues incorporating creative solutions that resulted in better organized, consistent,  and traceable marketing campaigns.
  • Solved complex problems developing strategic implementations, recommendations, and improvement plans delivering successful and well received solutions for several of our clients.

Office Expo – Addison, TX           2004 — 2006

Marketing Director/ Multimedia Specialist

  • Increased web visitors from 1,000 to 200,000 per month the first year by re-designing the website, applying best practices, and consistently delivering goal-surpassing marketing results ensuring complete client satisfaction.
  • Introduced the company’s first Intranet/Extranet delivering field and internal reps with tool and application that made it possible for them to access information and resources from any location. Credited to be the determining factor on closing countless deals and avoiding loss of revenue.

M&A Technology – Addison, TX            2000 — 2003

Multimedia Specialist/User Interface Designer

  • Earned countless commendations from sales, marketing, and executives for interactive presentations, reports, and innovations resulting on the company’s highest RFP success rate and web services client satisfaction.
  • Led the planning, design, implementation and maintenance of over 35 websites, including Garland ISD, Plano ISD, and Comal ISD. Credited with high client satisfaction and retention.


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