Press Ganey Corporate Intranet Evaluation and Innovations


95% of Press Ganey’s employees were unhappy and frustrated with the new SharePoint corporate intranet implementation. The research found that more than 85% of users got lost, confused and frustrated by the intranet’s menus and navigation and they also did not trust nor liked the search feature due to bad or non-relevant search results.


I was approached to asses Press Ganey’s corporate Intranet and to offer recommendations and innovations based on industries best practices and procedures concerning intranets, social media, knowledge centralization, information architecture and SharePoint as well as to offer recommendations and innovations on new technologies and trends for mobile, sharing, voice and web.


Help to create a strategy to create a useful, easy to use and effective intranet where keeping employees updated with the latest news and information was the main priority with knowledge centralization and document sharing as second most important. The sheer size of the intranet and the amount of documents and information created and updated was in itself a monumental challenge to organize and Press Ganey’s intranet support team was too small and soon overwhelmed by the amount of complaints from users which most were vague and unclear.


My solution was to first find out and understand the business goals, what was on place as a solution and how it compare to industry’s best practices and processes, how the employees were using the system, find out and clarify user complaints and frustrations and offer user centric solutions, recommendations and innovations.


Situational Assessment

  • Goals and Business requirements gathering and understanding
  • Intranet’s Evaluation based on Knowledge Centralization Intranet’s Best Practices and Procedures

Specifications Gathering

  • Technical (Platform, Browser and Mobile Access Capabilities, SharePoint Installed Components, etc.)
  • Usage and Users (Visitor Analysis, Navigational Trends, Entry and Abandonment Pages, etc.)

User Research (Worked with Press Ganey’s team to implement the user research survey, focus groups and interviews)

  • Online Survey
  • Focus Groups
  • Interviews


  • Grouped findings into major area issues such as Navigation, Interface, Content, etc.
  • Created personas from Focus Groups and Interviews according to their roles, tasks and their relevant use of the intranet to perform their duties


Information Architecture

  • Created a content inventory of the main sections and links on the primary and secondary navigational structures
  • Designed a new proposed taxonomy structure and navigational map

Specifications Gathering

  • Technical (Platform, Browser and Mobile Access Capabilities, SharePoint Installed Components, etc.)
  • Usage and Users (Visitor Analysis, Navigational Trends, Entry and Abandonment Pages, etc.)

User Interface Design

  • Master page templates
  • Master content layout
  • Wireframes

Recommendations and Innovations

  • Provided recommendations based on mobile, knowledge management, trends, social media, new technologies and content/document management best practices and procedures
  • Proposed new innovations based on new technology and trends such as location services, voice commands and smart devices


  • Developed next steps documentation and strategy for the Information Technology department
  • Created decision tree templates
  • SharePoint features and capabilities implementation strategy
  • Next steps and to-do’s check list


· User Experience

· Research

· User Interface Design

· Cross-media Interaction

· Project Management

· Team Lead

· Consulting

· Wireframing

· Innovations

· Strategy

· Presentation


· IPhone

· Tablets

· Android

· Web

· Desktop



· Cloud

· Mobile


· Mobile Wireframes

· Web Wireframes

· Desktop Wireframes

· Concept Presentation

· Task Flows

· Social Sharing

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