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SIRI Voice Commands List

Siri List Of Commands


Write on my wall just landed on San Francisco!
Post to Facebook heading back to the hotel.

Find My Friends

Where are my friends
Where is Jack?
Is my Wife at home?

Launching Apps

Open TweetBot
Launch Reeder [Somehow, Siri knows which apps you’ve downloaded and is able to change ‘Reader’ to ‘Reeder’.]
Start XTrail
Play Infinity Blade


Tell John and Jack to meet me at the usual place. [This will send a group message if they both have iMessage, and if one or more didn’t turn on iMessage/doesn’t have iMessage, an individual SMS will be sent to them via your carrier]
Message Jill and Jane test
Ask Mom whether there is bread at home
Reply i can make it
Are there any messages?


Show me movies with Leonardo DiCaprio
Find Disney movies
Who starred in The Blind Side
Who directed The Avengers
What is Toy Story 3 Rated?
What’s playing at the movies tomorrow?
I want to watch Resident Evil movie
Find a theater near my office.
Show me the reviews for prometheus.
Which movie won best picture in 2011?


Take me home
Navigate to work
Show me the way to school


What is the time now?
When is the next full moon?


Find some burger joints in Seattle
Good Sushi bar around here
Table for four in Palo Alto tonight
Make a reservation at a Mexican restaurant tonight at 7pm
Show me the reviews for Seven Hills in san Francisco.


When is the next NBA game
Who won last Saturday’s NBA game
Who’s taller Kobe Bryant or LeBron James
How are the giants doing this season


Post to Twitter this is a test.
Tweet with my location awesome shawarma joint.
Tweet the new iPhone is awesome! hashtag Apple Keynote

Address Book

Querying Contacts

What’s Michael’s address?
What is Susan Park’s phone number?
When is my wife’s birthday?
Show Jennifer’s home email address

Finding Contacts

Show Jason Russell
Find people named Park
Who is Michael Manning?


My mom is Susan Park
Michael Manning is my brother
Call my brother at work


Adding Events

Set up a meeting at 9
Set up a meeting with Michael at 9
Meet with Lisa at noon
Set up a meeting about hiring tomorrow at 9am
New appointment with Susan Park Friday at 3
Schedule a planning meeting at 8:30 today in the boardroom

Changing events

Move my 3pm meeting to 4:30
Reschedule my appointment with Dr. Manning to next Monday at 9am
Add Lisa to my meeting with Jason
Cancel the budget review meeting

Asking about events

What does the rest of my day look like?
What’s on my calendar for Friday?
When is my next appointment?
When am I meeting with Michael?
Where is my next meeting?


Setting Alarms

Wake me up tomorrow at 7am
Set an alarm for 6:30am
Wake me up in 8 hours
Change my 6:30 alarm to 6:45
Turn off my 6:30 alarm
Delete my 7:30 alarm

Checking the Clock

What time is it?
What time is it in Berlin?
What is today’s date?
What’s the date this Saturday?

Using a Timer

Set the timer for ten minutes
Show the timer
Pause the timer
Reset the timer
Stop it


Sending Messages

Email Lisa about the trip
Email Jennifer about the change in plans
New email to Susan Park
Mail Dad about the rent check
Email Dr. Manning and say I got the forms, thanks
Mail Lisa and Jason about the party and say I had a great time

Checking Messages

Check email

Any new email from Michael today?
Show new mail about the lease
Show the email from Lisa yesterday

Responding to Messages

Reply Dear Susan sorry about the late payment
Call him at work


Checking Up on Friends

Where’s Jason?
Where is my sister?
Is my wife at home?
Where are all my friends?
Who is here?
Who is near me?



How do I get home?
Show 1 Infinite Loop Cupertino California
Directions to my dad’s work

Local Businesses

Find coffee near me
Where is Starbucks?
Find some burger joints in Baltimore
Find a gas station within walking distance
Good Mexican restaurants around here


Sending Texts

Tell Susan I’ll be right there
Send a message to Jason Russell
Send a message to Lisa saying how about tomorrow
Tell Jennifer the show was great
Send a message to Susan on her mobile saying I’ll be late
Send a message to 408 555 1212
Text Jason and Lisa where are you?

Reading Texts

Read my new messages
Read it again

Replying to Texts

Reply that’s great news
Tell him I’ll be there in 10 minutes
Call her



Play The Light of the Sun
Play Trouble
Play Taking Back Sunday shuffled
Play Alicia Keys
Play some blues
Play my party mix
Shuffle my roadtrip playlist


Creating and finding notes

Note that I spent $12 on lunch
Note: check out that new Alicia Keys album
Find my restaurant note
Create a reading list note
Add Tom Sawyer to my reading list note


Phone calls

Call Jason
Call Jennifer Wright mobile
Call Susan on her work phone
Call 408 555 1212
Call home
FaceTime Lisa


Requesting reminders

Remind me to call mom
Remind me to call my mom when I get home
Remember to take an umbrella
Remind me take my medicine at 6am tomorrow
Remind me to pick up flowers when I leave here
Remind me when I leave to call Jason
Remind me to finish the report by 6


Checking Stocks

What’s Apple’s stock price?
What is Apple’s PE ratio?
What did Yahoo close at today?
How is the Nikkei doing?
How are the markets doing?
What is the Dow at?


Checking the Forecast

What’s the weather for today?
What’s the weather for tomorrow?
Will it rain in Cupertino this week?
Check next week’s forecast for Burlington
What’s the forecast for this evening?
How’s the weather in Tampa right now?
How hot will it be in Palm Springs this weekend?
What’s the high for Anchorage on Thursday?
What’s the temperature outside?
How windy is it out there?
When is sunrise in Paris?


Looking up information

Search the web for Bora Bora
Search for vegetarian pasta recipes
Search the web for best cable plans
Google the war of 1812
Search Wikipedia for Abraham Lincoln
Search for news about the World Cup
Bing Alicia Keys

Using Wolfram Alpha

How many calories in a bagel?
What is an 18% tip on $86.74 for four people?
Who’s buried in Grant’s tomb?
How long do dogs live?
What is the Gossamer Condor?
What’s the square root of 128?
How many dollars is €45?
What was the Best Picture of 1983?
How many days until Christmas?
How far away is the Sun?
When is the next solar eclipse?
Show me the Orion constellation
What’s the population of Jamaica?
How high is Mt. Everest?
How deep is the Atlantic ocean?
What’s the price of gasoline in Chicago?

The Key for Delivering Useful and Effective Solutions

The key for delivering useful and effective user centric solutions is simple. It is better to answer the “why” question and not the “what” question. Often I have found myself involved in projects that were already started only to discover that it was started by answering the “what” question. For example, an executive group may have made the choice to implement a mobile app, or they want to re-do the intranet, or re-design the website, or perhaps they want to be better connected in the social media arena.

Answering the “what” question is fine if you are trying to define requirements or goals but it is not an effective pillar on which to build the strategy for better User Experiences. The “what” tells us what to do with what exists or at least what is believed should exist within the constraints of our own perspectives. It however does not directly address what the needs of the user are and why those needs should be met. How would that translate into a better User Experience overall?

I remember a project that I worked on at Maxim. I was recruited right before they transferred 200+ servers, tens of thousands of users, and hundreds of thousands of files and documents. It was projected to take 3 months and about 12 resources (Developers, Server Administrators, Database Administrators, SharePoint 2010 Developers, etc.) working 8 – 10 hours a day. At the first meeting the complexity of this overwhelming task was discussed. When it was my turn I asked several simple questions: “Why do we have to move everything?”; “Is everything indispensable?”; “Has anyone checked the value and integrity of the folders, files, and user?”.

To my amazement, the project owner’s request to move everything was never questioned. This means they were answering the “what” question first (All files and folders for all users from all servers need to be move and replicated on a SharePoint environment.) instead of answering the “why” (Why is it so important to move everything?). This is especially bad when it is not known if the action that is about to be taken makes sense in the first place.

After working closely with the project manages, server administrators, and local IT administrator it was determined that what actually needed to be moved was only 20% of the files and folders and not 100% as originally thought. One reason was because some employees were no longer with the company. Another reason was because some folders and files had not been accessed in several years. Still another reason was that there were lots of duplicates floating around.

To remedy this, I created a 4 Step Strategy for the IT and server administrators for each office


Step 1: Back up everything

Step 2: Clean everything (If an employee had away from the company for more than 1 year, archive folders but do not transfer. Anything not accessed in 2 years or longer would be archived but not transferred. Utilize software that finds and compares duplicate files at the hex level and archive older duplicates but transfer the new ones).

Step 3: Develop a new site structure and create document, knowledge, archive, and template libraries to house commonly used documents.

Step 4: Identify user group types and create sub-master page templates tailored specifically to their needs.

By answering the “why” not the “what” the team transferred the files in 1/6 the projected time, using 1/3 of the originally planned resources, thereby saving the company a lot of money on man hours and equipment while delivering a much better user experience. So remember it is all about answering the “why” not the “what”.

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