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Digital Trends for 2013–According to Econsultancy and Adobe

Ecounsultancy in association with Adobe released their “Quarterly Digital Intelligence Briefing: Digital Trends for 2013” which it is a must read for any User Experience professional or company that cares about staying ahead of the competition or deliver better experiences to users. You can find the report along with a plethora of marketing resources at Adobe’s Marketing Cloud:

The predicted 2013 trends are:

1. The year of content – creating, optimizing and marketing content

The single most significant trend is the continued emergence of content marketing as a standalone discipline. Content, in all its shapes and forms, is core to everything we do as marketers. There is now a widespread realization that optimization of all types of content, both on-site and off-site, and across a range of different formats and devices, is absolutely critical. Click here to go to Adobe’s Digital Marketing Blog – Digital Trends for 2013


2. Capitalizing on engagement: increasing conversion from earned and owned media


3. Great content, spread through social channels and consumed anywhere


4. Inspired content + informed algorithms – excitement for 2013


5. CMOs and the role of marketing in customer experience management


6. Pi-shaped marketers shall inherit the digital earth


7. Omnichannel consumers on the march – priorities for a mobile customer base


Click here to go to Adobe’s Digital Marketing Blog – Digital Trends for 2013

What do you regard as the most important opportunity for 2013, and why are you focusing here?

“Attempting to optimize content for mobile and how this might dovetail with offline data to form a single view.” “Joining up online and offline data – or leveraging big data and the many sensors that collect data – we only

utilize 5% of what we collect.”

“Getting some sense out of the digital nonsense. It all LOOKS robust, but there’s little meaning in all the clicks and visits and so on. Digital is just part of the mix, but the digital industry thinks it’s holy.”

“Multichannel marketing, as they have previously heavily relied on separate disconnected channels, which have

not provided real value to their customers and therefore have not been used by their target audience.”

“Social media, but very little measurable activity has actually been done due to confusion of tools and methods,

leading to upper management lack of interest and reduction in expenditure.”

“The most important opportunity lies in optimizing digital channels through analysis, strategy and creative development. Being able to reach customers in their environment requires continual optimization, which includes bringing new channels in the mix and removing those that don’t perform.”

Survey respondents

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